Saturday, May 30, 2009

day old blues

what are the chances that you'll look like this tomorrow night and sing king of the rodeo. i say pretty slim, but i could only hope!
photobucket via 2005


withasianstereotypes said...

I REALLY love this why don't more men look this amazing? WANT/LOVE/NEED

KISS, China L.

stephanie said...

I miss the old Caleb with his long hair and ears sticking out. cocky motherfuckers. haha

THE BAT said...

this is a great photo. i love them!

i know i hate pigeons! ahh they're so scary! i'm already so afraid of birds as it is.

Anonymous said...

love this.
look how chubby matthew is,cute haha

elizabeth said...

yeah..their hollywood makeover really annoyed me. i saw them a couple months ago. they were amazing. the 13 year old girls surrounding me was NOT, in fact, amazing.

Anonymous said...

2005...ahh..their best times :)