Tuesday, March 31, 2009

why the hell not? , it's kate moss

i think she stole some ideas from my closet, or maybe, it's the other way around.[enter sarcasm here]


STEFANIE said...

AAAAAH she's wearing the bag Sofia Coppola did for Louis Vuitton! It's the first time I actually see someone wearing it :)
Oh so and you use vintage cameras? I've been busy trying mine out (oh and I still don't know if it's actually still working, I'm waiting for my first results), but it's so hard, I'm used to digital camera's and automatic settings and now I have to get all the settings right, like exposure time and stuff... I really hope I have at least 1 nice/decent pic on my first roll haha ^-^ Any tips or tricks to get decent pictures with an analog camera? would be much appreciated! ;)

zoƫ said...

i love all the pictures you post, your blog is a true gem .
(and so is natalie portman ..)