Friday, December 26, 2008

turn on, tune in, drop out

i have failed to feature my other passion which is psychiatry/psychology
and other aspects directly or indirectly relating to my favorite subject.

check out,
music: the doors, hendrix, joplin, jefferson airplane, the grateful dead, the mc5
reads/films: alice in wonderland, on the road, one who flew over the cuckoos nest, forrest gump, 1960s
influential people: ken kesey, timothy leary, tom wolfe, albert hoffman, francis crick, wavy gravy, ram dass


Stephanie H. said...

i wonder what made you post this. Muahaha

THE BAT said...

love it! thanks for your help with bloglovin'.

Song of Style said...

aw, thank u for the really sweet comment. ur super nice!
i am going to listen to ur list of music and add those books to my must read books.